Monday, August 13, 2012

Mobile Phone Jammer


                 An fm transistor is used here for making a mobile phone jammer.Mobile phones are working in 450  MHz  frequency .Here the transmitter generate almost equal to 450 MHz  frequency there for the mobile phone does not identify the original signal but the signal range is very week so this circuit working in only 100 m range .This circuit working in only 450 Mhz .The power supply should not exceed 3Volt

Part List

Component No:     Value      Usage
R1     100R      Emitter loading
R2     39k       Base Biasing
C1    15 pf      Frequency
C2    4.7pf      Feedback
C3     4.7pf      Feedback
C4    102pf      Noise Reduce
C5     1MF    Coupling
C6     2.2pf      Coupling
C7        103pf        Decoupling
Q1     BF 494      Amplification
L1     22nH     Frequency


Kristofer Raunborg said...

Is this circuit tested? Any recommendations for parts?

zohaib a comsian said...

what is it 100 ohm or somethng else?

ANUP JOSE said...

ya its been tested. Its 100ohm

mammukuttyyyyyyyy said...

Does it work for all frequency phones like 3g and then higher frequency

ANUP JOSE said...

@ mammukutty : Sorry this is a small circuit and only works for 2g networks

machismo......## said...

from wher i can get the antenna????

ps tech said...

thanks for provide knowledge via diagram of mobile phone jammer in gurgaonis good product.

satyasai baggam said...

can we use any kind of antenna?

suman chaudhary said...

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Zeeshan Shani said...

how to make 22nH inductr and what is antenna model no. ?

Anonymous said...

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Infra Ites said...

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azhar19 said...

Where can I get the Antenna?

dushyant bhardwaj said...

i am from india and frequency used in my country by mobiles are 900 MHz and 1800 MHz. Your circuit work for 450 MHz .So in order to increase the frequency value of inductor must be varied as per my knowledge. Would you please inform me that what value of inductor i should use to reach the desired frequency, or in case if i need to alter anything in this circuit.Please inform me soon

Infostream Technologies said...

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