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Mini Spy Robot


The Mini Spy Robot is small robot with a camera attached to it. The main parts are the body of robot, remote and a CCD camera. The body of the robot consists of two wheels attached to geared motors and these motors are controlled by the remote. The remote is placed inside a wrist watch. Using the 4 switches of the watch the movements of the robot are controlled. The robot can be moved forward and backward and also it can be rotated left or right. The video signals which are transmitted from the camera are viewed in a laptop or TV.   

            The IC is used as the voltage regulator. It converts the 6V supply into 5V regulated supply
          The IC HT12E is used as the encoder. It converts the input pulse into binary signals and it is given to the transmitter..
            The ASK transmitter is a 433 MHz Radio Frequency signal transmitter. ASK is short for Amplitude Shift Keying. It modulates the binary signals into analogue signal.
The ASK receiver receives the binary signals transmitted by the transmitter. It demodulates the received analogue signal into binary signal.
The IC HT12Dis used as decoder. It decodes the binary signal.
The IC L293D  is used as the H-Bridge. It is used to change the direction of rotation of the motor with respect to the input signal.
The camera is a wireless CCD camera. It works on 12V dc supply. It transmits the captured videos. The receiver receives those signals and produces an A/V output and it can be connected to a TV or a Laptop.



The mini robot has two circuits, one for the remote section and other for robot section. The basic working of the robot is that, when the switch in remote is pressed then a signal is produced and it is then encoded and then modulated and transmitted to the robot and the receiving section demodulate and decodes the signal and the signal in remote is reproduced in the receiving unit. This signal is applied to the motor through an H-bridge.

Here we use HT12E and HT12D as the encoder and decoder. They have 8 bit address and 4 bit data. Hence we can transmit 4 signals for the four type movements of the robot such as forward, backward and turn left and right.

Now consider the remote section .The main elements in the remote section are an encoder IC, an ASK transmitter and four switches. The encoder IC has 18 pins. The pins one to eight are the address bits. The four pins, pin no.8 to 13 are the data bits or input terminals. These four pins are connected to the four switches. When a switch is closed, that pin is grounded. Thus a signal is produced and the encoder converts it into binary signal and this binary signal is modulated and transmitted by the ASK transmitter.

Now consider the receiver section. The signal is received and demodulated by the ASK receiver and this binary signal is given to the decoder. The decoder converts it into actual signal corresponding to the pin in encoder, the same pin produces a ground signal while the other data pins produces a +VCC as output. The output from the data pins are applied to the H-bridges. Each H-bridge has two halves.
The outputs from pin number 10 and 11 are given to the first H-bridge. If the pin number .10 produce a ground signal then the left half of the H-bridge become enabled and rotates one motor forward. If pin no.11 produces a ground signal then the right half of the H-bridge becomes enabled and rotates the motor backward.

As illustrated above, the and 13 are applied to the second H-bridge.  Thus the second motor rotates in the direction with respect to the signals from pin no.12 and 13.Thus if the pin 10 and 13 are grounded in remote the robot moves forward and if 11 and 12 are grounded then the robot moves backward.
To  turn the robot left, pins 11,13 are grounded and to turn right, pins 10,12 are grounded. 

COMPONENTS                               PRICE           QUANTITY              TOTAL

IC HT12E                                           48                                1                      48
IC HT12D                                           55                                1                      55
IC LM 7805                                        12                                1                      12
IC L293D                                           70                                2                      140
IC 7404                                               10                                1                      10
RF MODULE                                     285                              1                      285
WRIST WATCH                                100                              1                      100
LED                                                    3                                  2                      6
RESISTOR                                         4                                  2                      8
CMOS CELL                                     15                                2                      30
6V CELL                                            240                              1                      240
CCD CAMERA                                 1600                            1                      1600
GEARED MOTOR 100 rpm              148                              2                      296
ROBOTIC WHEELS                         80                                2                      160
PCB                                                                                                                250     
                                                            TOTAL                                              3240.00

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