Friday, August 10, 2012

Foldable n Stretchable Garden Fence

A Small Garden Fence Using Pipes. 

Construction of this item is simple but the measurements should be accurate.
Items Required

  • Pipes of cross section 3/4 inches ( PVC, aluminum, plastic)
  • Nuts and bolts of length 2 inches
  • Pipe cutter and drilling machiene
  • Scale and marker 


  • make holes as marked in the first figure
  • place two pipes diagonally and screw them at the centre
  • make such 'X' shaped compinations
  • combine 2 such 'X' shapes by screwing the ends as shown in the above figure
  • There should be 2 pipes of bigger size in the end points for supporting the fence
  • The fence is attached to the supports as shown in the figure
  • One end of each support is left free and other is screwed, this is for folding and streching

  • Finally it will look something like this
  • This is sample so it contains only 3 'X' shaped cross sections
  • Depending on the maximum area to be covered you can choose the number of X shapes

  • When it is stretched it will  look like this
  • You can adjust the size by stretching between maximum and minimum length.


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